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G/OnTM - Connect, Secure & Growphoto of Giritech G/On device


Maximise the value of your IT Infrastructure.

Make secure remote connectivity a business opportunity

- not a technology issue.


Today’s media provides massive coverage on the benefits of mobile working. This is described as the fastest growth area in IT currently. However, implementing such solutions can be complex, time consuming and expensive.

As specialists in business management and mobility solutions, we believe that there has to be a better way for those seeking a cost effective and rapidly deployed solution. We are therefore pleased to announce the arrival in the UK of the unique G/OnTM system.


Described as a simple solution to a complex problem, the G/OnTM technology delivers 2-factor authentication and AES encryption via a nodeless virtual connection.

Imagine equipping your mobile workforce with a device that could fit on a key ring and provide secure access to all of your core business applications. Think of the advantages of being able to share all internal information using any internet linked device. Mobile executives could use hotel, internet café or customer PC facilities to securely access all parts of your internal system 24 X 7 from any global location.

So how does it work?


The back office mechanism is described in the brochure below. The Anglia Integration Team will install and test the system on your server. From the user viewpoint, all they have to do when the system is installed is simply plug the G/OnTM key into the USB port of any PC. The system automatically logs on to the internal server using the normal security checks as if the user were locally linked. The PC device being used now becomes an access terminal to the main server. When finished, the user simply unplugs the G/OnTM key and no trace is left on the PC.

     G/On Brochure

     G/On and Citrix Datasheet

     G/On and Web Datasheet

To find out how this unique rapidly deployed secure mobile system can provide your organisation with a competitive advantage contact Tony Rose.



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