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Anglia Mobile Portal


It’s pretty common-place to be able to access email content over a mobile device, but what about other business critical information? For field engineers and sales consultants who have been out of the office for extended periods of time, the first day back can often be spent just catching up with what’s been going on, logging timesheets, expenses & mileage claims or updating calendars and contact details. Imagine how much time can be saved if all of these tasks could be accessed and executed via one mobile device.

The Anglia Mobile Portal was developed to extend enterprise applications out to a mobile workforce equipped with Microsoft Smartphones & Pocket PC devices.

The Mobile Portal was created by leveraging existing infrastructure investment in Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Sharepoint Portal and utilises .NET technology and the Sharepoint Software Development Kit.

Anglia Mobile portal on handheldFig1: Mobile Portal on Smartphone 2003




The Mobile Portal provides access to the following Enterprise Applications:


Company Performance – (Digital Dashboard)

News Content – (Internal and External)

Timesheet Input

Mileage Log

Expenses Capture

Holiday Requests

Helpdesk Issue Logs


Business Anyplace – email Inbox content is always available on the mobile device.
Business Efficiency – Complex workflow processes, such as expenses and holiday sign off, can be performed via the mobile device.
Supports existing IT investment – extending enterprise applications not re-inventing them.

Always informed – Company news content entered into Sharepoint is automatically available on the mobile devices.

24/7 Helpdesk – Access to Helpdesk tickets, customer information & case logs. Issues can be assigned to resources via the mobile device.

Realtime Expenditure Reporting – Field staff can log timesheet information, expenses claims and record mileage from any location.


screenshot of mobile portal on PocketPC 2003 SE


Microsoft Technology Used

Sharepoint Portal Server 2003

Visual Studio .NET 2003
SQL Server 2000
Windows Server 2003
ISA Server 2004
Exchange Server 2003




Fig 2 : Mobile Portal on Pocket PC 2003 SE showing content from Sharepoint Portal 2003


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