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Software Development

Today’s software applications have become extremely powerful and are usually designed to meet the general requirements of a broad marketplace. However, the key to effective use of software technology is to be able to adapt it to how you want to work. After all, your business practices and culture are what makes your organisation unique.

The Software Development Division of Anglia Business Solutions provides a range of services designed to ensure that the power of modern software technologies can be harnessed to meet your requirements. The company has an impressive track record in the development, deployment and support of innovative client specific solutions. These cover three main areas i.e. Microsoft Navision Application Development, e-Commerce Solutions and Microsoft Bespoke Developments.

Microsoft Navision Applications

One of the unique features that attracted Anglia to Microsoft Navision technology was the sophistication of the integrated development environment. This meant that clients could take advantage of the powerful features provided as standard while tailoring the system to meet their precise method of working. The company has now developed a wide variety of add-on applications that extend the functionality of this impressive suite.

E-Commerce Solutions
As electronic trading continues to evolve, it represents a major opportunity to forge stronger and more effective relationships with your customers and trading partners. We can help by advising you on the various methods available to securely take your business on-line. The options can range from designing and building a Web presence to a totally integrated end-to-end solution using Microsoft Navision e-commerce applications.

Microsoft Application Development
You cannot find a standard application that meets your specific requirements or your tailored database that no longer meets the needs of the business. Using the latest Microsoft development tools, we can quickly design, develop and support a more modern solution. 

The services provided by the development team include the following:

System Architecture & Design
The design and planning of your solution is crucial to its integrity and performance in operation. Our expertise in the project management and design of complex development projects will keep you on the right track.

System Specification
Today’s rapid application development (RAD) environment facilitates the swift production of tailored solutions. An experienced analyst carries out the system specification service and will ensure that the bespoke application is on target from day one.

System Development & Testing
Once the system design and specification exercise is complete, the programming commences. Experienced development consultants prototype and develop the solution. Other developers carry out further testing prior to release for acceptance testing and deployment.

User Documentation
On release of the solution, a user guide is produced as an aid to users in understanding the facilities included in the system.

System Support
On release of the system, a support arrangement is triggered. This is to provide advice and assistance in the event of difficulties.

Software Upgrades
As your business changes, further enhancements or amendments to the functionality may be required. The software upgrade service ensures that your system keeps in step with the new needs of the organisation.


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