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Meat suppliers face increasing traceability

demands from customers


Meat Supply Chain28th June, 2013, Cambridge, UK. Meat supplier organisations that can provide retailers with the most detailed traceability information stand to gain the most following the fall out of the horse meat scandal, according to food supply chain software experts.

Research from GMI/Mintel showed traceability more than doubled in importance in the eyes of consumers between December 2012 and March 2013, indicating customers want reassurance from retailers that traceability information is available.

Now Anglia Business Solutions, which specialises in food manufacture Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is advising meat suppliers to prepare for increasing pressure from their customers for full traceability information.

Anglia’s Group CEO, Robert Frost, said: “The frozen red meat sector was hit the hardest during the horse meat scandal with sales down 15 per cent and volumes reduced by 17 per cent.

“Retailers will be studying closely the implications of the scandal on consumers’ buying habits and with indications suggesting consumers increasingly want traceability assurances, retailers will be expecting their suppliers to be able to offer full and immediate, multi-directional traceability information on their behalf.

“The meat suppliers who are therefore able to give retailers confidence in product traceability from farm to fork will be the ones with most to gain. I would urge business leaders to reflect truthfully on whether their current I.T systems can easily provide this information.

“The retail sector will react strongly to consumer research and suppliers who can provide the assurances that customers demand will be most likely to see business growth.”

Anglia supplies its LINKFresh business management system, based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, to food manufacturers worldwide. Those customers benefit from increased product traceability, more efficient labour, reduced waste, faster financial reporting and accounting and increased profits.

Customers include 2 sisters Food Group, Hilton Foods Ireland, Vestey Food Group, Noble Foods and The Co-operative Farms.



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