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Successful LINKFresh® Deployment Aids Winfresh’s Future

Business Strategy 

BananaReal time Information a Key Differentiator

7th January, 2011; Cambridge, UK

Anglia Business Solutions today announces that it has successfully completed the deployment of its award winning Microsoft Dynamics NAV based LINKFresh® business management suite at Winfresh UK Limited, part of the Winfresh Group. Winfresh (formerly WIBDECO) is a leading supplier of bananas to the UK’s major retailers.

The Winfresh UK deployment of LINKFresh replaced the legacy TCS application and covers all major operational areas of the business. These include forecasting, EDI orders, planning, scheduling, intake, quality control, ripening, production, pick and despatch, label checking, invoicing and core financials. The system also includes specialist modules for capturing information within the packhouse using rugged touch screen terminals. It also uses state of the art mobile applications for activities such as managing intake, despatch and QC.

Winfresh UK has already noticed a significant improvement in operational practices as a result of implementing the new solution. As Head of IT, Terry Gates, explains “The seamless integration between the operational and finance suites provides many advantages. Full visibility of operations coupled with accurate and timely management information means that we now have a much tighter handle on our costs. The benefits of operating in real time are also significant. It means that we can react quickly to events as they happen. We can already see that the system is helping to improve efficiency while reducing waste and labour costs. This will provide us with increased business agility leading to improved customer service”.

Managing Director for Anglia Business Solutions, David Hurley, said, “We have now successfully replaced a number of legacy systems within the fresh produce industry. The general feedback is that LINKFresh helps to transform such businesses to meet the increasing demands of the industry. We are pleased that the partnership between Winfresh UK and Anglia has resulted in a leading edge modern solution that will help them compete using the dynamic information and operational transparency that the system provides.”



Winfresh Limited (formerly Windward Islands Banana Development and Exporting Company Limited (WIBDECO)), was incorporated in 1994, as a private company to drive the commercial development and interests of the Windward Islands banana industry. The company commenced trading in January 1995, with the takeover of the functions and operations previously performed by the Windward Islands Banana Growers' Association (WINBAN).

Winfresh UK Limited (formerly Windward Islands Banana Development & Exporting Company (UK) Limited), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winfresh Limited, was incorporated in the United Kingdom and commenced trading in May 1994. The company is now trading under the name Winfresh.

The shareholders of Winfresh Limited are the governments and banana growers' associations of the four Windward Islands. The governments hold 50% of the ordinary shares in equal ratios, while four banana associations or companies hold the other 50% in proportion to their average annual production in the years 1992-94.

The principal activity of the Winfresh Group is the importation, marketing and distribution of bananas and fresh produce.

In January 1996, the Winfresh Group acquired the Geest banana business in a 50% joint venture with Fyffes.

In 2001, Winfresh UK took over the marketing and distribution of its bananas from Geest Bananas, and in 2003, its ripening and distribution operations. The Winfresh UK operations are conducted mainly from its ripening facility at Stansted, Little Canfield, Great Dunmow CM6 1TH, England.

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