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Positive Reaction on LINKFresh VIP Briefing

Delegates among first to see latest version of award winning food industry business management solution

Many senior management executives from a broad range of food supply chain organisations attended Anglia Business Solutions’ headquarters on Wednesday for a free VIP Briefing on the LINKFresh business management solution.  A record number of delegates attended the event which was staged to present the latest version of the industry specific software.  Delegates also heard from guest speaker Nigel Jenney, CEO of Fresh Produce Consortium, on current industry trends and a window on what the future holds for the industry.

Nigel Jenney told delegates that the rising global population will mean there will be over nine billion people to feed by 2050. He assured delegates that despite the current economic challenges the future of the fresh produce sector had never looked better with global governments committed to the healthier eating campaign. However, companies should take the opportunity of the current economic downturn to examine and refine their business models in preparation for the future forecast increase in demand.  

Delegates also heard from Microsoft why the Dynamics NAV product was proving so popular within the food industry. The system is now the world’s leading mid range business management application with a user base of over 90,000 companies.  Attendees were given a glimpse of the future where Microsoft’s $2.4 billion annual R & D investment was targeted on making their products easier to implement and use.    The Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management solution is at the heart of the LINKFresh suite.

Centre stage at the briefing was reserved for a live demonstration of the latest release of Anglia’s LINKFresh business management suite.   Delegates were most impressed with how the software tracked, traced and costed the products throughout the entire supply chain in real time.  The facilities provide management teams with immediate access to dynamic management information as events unfolded. This enabled them to take timely corrective action on quality or commercial issues. The system was also shown to produce vital economic key performance indicators as an aid to competing in the current challenging environment.    

Feedback from delegates was very supportive of the LINKFresh technology.  Commenting at the briefing Anglia’s Managing Director, David Hurley, said, “The response from the attendees were most encouraging. They felt that the IT industry had not served the food industry well in the past. They were most appreciative of the fact that Anglia had made a major long term commitment to bringing state of the art innovation to a much beleaguered sector. We now have many customer examples in the food industry where the LINKFresh suite has significantly improved competitiveness by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. In such a low margin business as the fresh food sector, this has to be a welcome initiative in today’s harsh economic climate”.

Further information on the LINKFresh solution can be obtained from, or by emailing


Nigel Jenney, CEO FPC

Nigel Jenney, CEO of Fresh Produce Consortium tells delegates the future looks good for the fresh produce sector.

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