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MMD Shipping Update Warehouse and Quayside Operations with LINKFresh® Mobility Suite & Web Portal

MMD Ariel PhotoAnglia Business Solutions today announces that MMD (Shipping Services) Ltd has extended its LINKFresh business management solution to include the LINKFresh mobility suite. 

The fully integrated LINKFresh .NET mobility solution will be deployed to enable the management of quayside, warehouse and quality control operations via handheld scanning and recording devices.  The project is Phase II of the LINKFresh deployment which began last year.  The handheld mobile devices will operate in any MMD location where stock is stored; including warehouses, holding areas, quayside bins and ship holds. The solution will also provide for a web-based customer portal to allow customers to securely track vessel arrivals, vehicle dispatches and monitor discharge progress.  MMD’s customers will also be able to receive email alerts to notify them of vehicle dispatches. 

Mark Willcox, Director at MMD said “Extending our LINKFresh solution to include the mobile applications will mean that we can reduce administration and overhead costs, as well as remove the inefficient processes within inventory management.  The web portal will greatly improve communication with our customers keeping them informed at every stage of the process.”

MMD was taken over by Portsmouth County Council earlier this year and operates as a stand alone entity within Portsmouth Port.   Martin Putman, Port Manager and Director of MMD said, “Embarking on Phase II of this LINKFresh project demonstrates our ongoing commitment to further enhancing our business and the services we provide to our customers both internationally and in the UK.”

MMD has an annual turnover of £15m and employs some 200 people.  10,000 to 12,000 tonnes of fruit pass through the facility each week and 65% of the bananas eaten in the UK pass through Portsmouth on their way to the consumer.

David Hurley Managing Director at Anglia comments, “We are delighted that MMD has chosen to proceed with Phase II of their LINKFresh deployment.  In these times of economic turmoil, companies can look to the intelligent use of I.T to provide them with many business and competitive advantages. These state of the art mobility and Web Services applications will provide a significant aid to productivity by sharing real time information with their customers.”


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