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Financial Management Suite Launched for LINKFresh® 3

11 August, 2011, Cambridge, UK

Anglia Business Solutions today announced the launch of a powerful set of financial analytical tools for LINKFresh® 3. The suite, a combination of specialist food related reports and business intelligence facilities, is designed to enable business executives to use real time commercial information to improve performance.

Included in the facilities are instant on-screen analytics, standard & special reports, audit trail navigation, Microsoft SQL reporting services, Excel integration and business intelligence. The business intelligence application is based on the award winning Zap Business Analytics. This has been specially adapted to efficiently mine the large volume of supply chain data captured within the powerful operational and financial elements of LINKFresh 3.

“One of the most common complaints on IT systems within the food sector is that despite the vast volume of data input, extracting meaningful up to date management information is extremely challenging” explained Anglia’s Managing Director David Hurley. “This makes it difficult to detect the underlying profitability of customers, products and operational units. The LINKFresh Financial Management suite is designed to analyse such data and rapidly make it available to decision makers within and beyond the finance department. This frees up valuable resources to focus on initiatives designed to make a difference to the bottom line”.   

The new financial facilities will be featured at the forthcoming LINKFresh seminar in Cambridge on October 13th. The new Financial Management Suite brochure can be downloaded here.


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