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Anglia Announce the Release of LINKFresh® RTC

Anglia Business Solutions today announces the general release of the latest version its Microsoft Dynamics based business management suite for the Food Industry - LINKFresh “RTC”.  This latest release marks the culmination of a significant R&D development investment to transition LINKFresh onto the Microsoft Dynamics Role Tailored User Interface.  The Role Tailored User Interface provides users with a highly visual workspace environment showing information specific to individual job roles, enabling more efficient working practices and sharing of information. The months of development are in preparation for the imminent launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

In addition to the Role Tailored User Interface, there are several other new LINKFresh features introduced in LINKFresh RTC.   These include:

Streamlined Quality Control interface on LINKFresh Mobility - In response to customer feedback, LINKFresh RTC now includes a ‘grid-style’ approach to entering quality control results.  This makes it possible to quickly select and complete relevant tests, without needing to step through each test in sequence. 

Gantt Production Scheduling - A new Gantt Production Scheduling Tool has been included to enhance the rich functionality offered from the LINKFresh Operations module.  The tool provides a visual representation of the production planning data including changeover times, break times and shift patterns.  It also shows a real-time view of current production progress across all production lines, including downtime. The tool also allows for the adjustment of the schedule via drag and drop capability.   

Mobile Intake - The enhanced Mobile Intake application now supports ‘Isolation’ functionality as well as ‘on the fly’ recording of received lot attributes.  This maximises the time staff are able to work productively, and reduces the time needed for data entry in the back office. The Mobile Intake application delivers improvements to real-time information visibility, as well as benefits to warehouse productivity.

Commenting on the new release, Ryan Whittaker, LINKFresh Product Manager, said, “This release of LINKFresh on the Role Tailored Client introduces a new paradigm which helps users focus on tasks and information specifically relevant to their job role. Due to the wealth of functionality in the product, the migration to this new technology represents one of the largest pieces of LINKFresh investment in recent years.  LINKFresh RTC ensures that we are well placed to take advantage of new functionality in the upcoming NAV2013 release, as we continue to follow the Microsoft Dynamics product roadmap.”

LINKFresh RTC will be demonstrated at the forthcoming LINKFresh “Show ‘n’ Tell” Briefing on 7th November in Cambridge.  For more information and to register, please visit click here



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