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Introduction to .NET

Billions of Microsoft’s research and development dollars have been invested in the .NET technology concepts. The availability of this latest generation of powerful software tools from the world’s largest software company will bring about radical changes in computing. Applications that were once complex, time consuming and expensive can now be rapidly developed tested and deployed quickly and cost effectively.

.NET is the Microsoft solution for Web services, the next generation of software that connects the world of information, devices and people in a unified personalised way. .NET is built on open standards and embraces all programming languages. It makes use of XML, an open standard managed by the World Wide Web Consortium. The aim is to bring the benefits of collaboration and interoperability to the isolated islands of data within many organisations.

Microsoft has many tools and technologies designed to make .NET technology manageable as applications evolve. However, exploring how these powerful components can be leveraged within a business context can be complex and time consuming. It requires an in-depth knowledge of .NET Web services technologies, the integration platform implications and an understanding of business process oriented solutions. Few organisations have the necessary in-house skills.

Anglia Business Solutions is uniquely positioned to enable organisations to benefit from these advanced developments. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) Certified Partner, the company has the correct skill profile to offer clients a single source of expertise that meets their needs. The company has already won a national award based on a solution that had .NET technology at the heart of an integrated business management system. Many more organisations are currently deploying similar solutions to tackle a diverse range of applications.

Since 2003, Anglia has made a significant investment in the creation of a range of powerful .NET based applications. These are designed to short circuit the development and deployment effort involved in the implementation of such solutions. They are also available at a fraction of the price that it would take to recreate solutions with a similar breadth of functionality.

However, they should not be viewed as readily available products that would be purchased as a packaged ready made system. Solutions should always be specific to meet a client’s individual requirement. The applications should therefore be regarded as a solid basis from which the specific application can be configured to meet a defined business need. They include a range of Ready Made, Mobility, e-Commerce, Integration & Business Graphics solutions, the details of which can be found in our .NET Application List.


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