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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Business Mobility Applications

LINKFresh Mobility_Kyman DatalogicThe rapid growth in mobility applications has been a phenomenon of the IT industry in recent years. This has been driven by the need for a mobile workforce to have access to information while working remotely. These have mainly been limited to messaging communications such as e-mail received on mobile phones and PDA's.

While these have proved extremely beneficial, in today's fast moving commercial environment companies need to securely share relevant business data with their mobile workforce as a means of remaining competitive. To meet this requirement, Anglia has made a significant investment in mobile software technologies designed to facilitate the sharing of real time information held within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP platform while on the move.

Since 2004, the company has continually invested in the design, development and refinement of a unique set of mobility software tools. These have facilitated the creation of a wide range of advanced mobile business applications capable of being used anywhere on a variety of devices. By operating in real time with a dynamic business solution, employees are provided with relevant, accurate and timely information to assist them in being more productive.

In the meantime, management is provided with full visibility of product and process throughout its supply chain. The resulting solutions have enabled Anglia's clients to compete using real time information to reduce costs, improve client satisfaction and increase profitability.

Anglia's Dynamics NAV based solutions have won numerous national and international awards in recent years. The innovative mobile applications were key factors in impressing the adjudicators together with the significant business benefits gained by the clients.

To get a flavour of some of these applications and tools, brief descriptions can be downloaded here:

LINKFresh Mobility Suite


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