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Vishay Spectrol Ltd


Industry :   Electronic Component Manufacturing
Scenarios : Replacing Tetra system with Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Edition provides Vishay Spectrol with significant efficiency increases.



Vishay Spectrol is a subsidiary of Vishay, a Fortune 1,000 company employing 20,000 people in 70 countries. The group manufacturers the broadest range of discrete electronic components in the industry and is a market leader in many sectors.

The Swindon based operation specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of trimmers, precision potentiometers and transducers. The company operated with a variety of administration processes consisting of manual and electronic systems. These included financial and manufacturing, stock management, sales forecasting and returns systems. The main issue facing the company was the hidden costs of maintaining a variety of disparate systems. The key requirement was a solution that provided a flow of information across the company about what was really happening to their customers and inventory. The target was to ensure that the selected system supported all operations in ensuring timely deliveries of quality products.

Working with Cambridge based Anglia Business Solutions the company deployed a state of the art system tailored specifically to meet the needs of the business. A totally integrated Microsoft Navision manufacturing solution provided the base for a powerful management information solution. It provided the company with improved access to up to date information and assisted in greatly reducing the current administrative workload. The system has helped to radically improve the company’s efficiency by reducing much of the previously unproductive data duplication tasks while providing instant information on significant business trends.

The Selection Process

The company needed a flexible, powerful, modern company wide business management system capable of meeting its very specific requirements. Apart from the normal financial and manufacturing reporting requirements, the system also had to cater for a number of applications specifically configured to how the company worked.

Much of the company’s manufacturing was carried out abroad and the Head Office in Sunderland carried out all of the financial management tasks of the operation. The new system therefore had to facilitate the needs of the Swindon operation, the financial reporting requirements of Headquarters and the management of the outsourced sub contractor workload.

The Business Solution

Vishay Spectrol selected the Microsoft Navision ERP system as the platform of choice based on its combination of powerful functionality and integrated development facilities.

As General Manager, Vic Slawinski explained, “We were very impressed with the standard functionality of the Microsoft Navision product. However, it was the ability to change it to how we wanted to work that really appealed. We spent a long time being restricted by the inflexibility of a standard package. We did not want to be in a similar position in future as the company expanded.

We were also influenced by the in-depth Microsoft Navision knowledge and consultancy skills provided by Anglia Business Solutions. It was obvious that they quickly got to grips with what we were trying to do and could advise us on the best way to achieve our objectives.

Anglia Business Solutions worked well with us to produce a solution that was right for our business. The initial Solution Model mapped how the complete system would work for us. From this analysis, they developed working prototypes that we were able to test to ensure that our business objectives were met. The complete solution was fully tested using data transferred from our old Tetra system. Once we were satisfied that we had covered all of the requirements, we went live. We encountered a few problems during the transition but the support from Anglia has been invaluable in enabling us to resolve the issues and get the most out of the system.”

The new solution has enabled Vishay to take advantage of new ways of working.

Business Benefits

The new management reporting system has already provided Vishay Spectrol with significant advantages over the previous method of operation. It has greatly reduced the data duplication activities throughout the organisation, which has improved the accuracy of information. As Vic Slawinski explains “Our previous variety of systems was a real stumbling block to our growth plans. It meant that we had great difficulty in ensuring that our inventory was at the right levels to meet our client delivery commitments”.

Microsoft Navision replaces the use of the Tetra Chameleon 2000 system for General, Sales and Purchase ledgers. It is anticipated that Microsoft Navision will be used to control the complete Finance System in the long term. Microsoft Navision Sales & Receivables module will streamline all Credit Control functions including, Sales Journals, overdue payment reminders and batch transaction processing.
A major benefit of the Microsoft Navision solution is the automatic quote generation and tracking facility. Accepted quotations can now automatically be transferred into Sales Order Processing, previously data was manually re-entered onto the system.

Planning & Manufacturing within Vishay was previously achieved using mainly manual procedures, which relied heavily on the accuracy and knowledge of personnel involved. This task was complicated further by the subcontracting of a high level of its production to Slovakia. Microsoft Navision has provided significant benefits in this area, particularly inventory control, Bills of Materials and Materials Requirement Planning in multiple locations.

Vic Slawinski continues, “Working with Anglia Business Solutions in a partnership arrangement meant that we could explain what we wanted and they did the rest. The complete system was delivered to timescales and within budget. It has exceeded our expectations and is already proving to be a significant aid to our expansion plans.

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Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision

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Microsoft Navision Solution Model
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