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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution Model

Very early in its relationship with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), Anglia Business Solutions became aware of the tremendous versatility of the core technology. Using the integrated development environment, the system could literally be programmed to tackle any task within reason. It therefore became vital to ensure that the system was deployed in the most cost effective way to ensure that it met the expectations of the customer.


It quickly became clear that a process was needed that clearly defined and prioritised the clients key business drivers and targeted the solution accordingly. Based on its experiences on deploying the software, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultants within Anglia devised a structured approach called a Solution Model. The concept was to create a document that accurately captured the client requirements and that acted as a blueprint in the implementation of the agreed solution.

The process involved getting to understand the business needs of the client and defining how the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution met those needs. This involved taking soundings from various parts of a company on the most effective way in which the system could help them in their working environment. It highlighted the key areas where the system was expected to assist and defined which parts of the system would be used to target the specific functionality required. It also clarified where particular functionality would need to be developed and the costs of the complete project.

The impact of introducing of this process has been demonstrated by the number of complex Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions successfully deployed to timescale and to budget. A full description of the process can be read by clicking here.


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