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Anglia Dynamics NAV Platinum Club

Next Meeting: Spring / Summer 2014

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Platinum Club is an initiative launched by Anglia Business Solutions designed to provide a formal feedback mechanism from its rapidly growing list of Microsoft Dynamics NAV & LINKFresh users.

As an organisation, Anglia has worked extensively with the system across a diverse range of industries over the past four years. During that time, Anglia has gained an in-depth knowledge of the technology and has developed a range of complementary applications to meet a diverse range of business needs. The objective of the Platinum Club is to provide a forum where companies can benefit from this expertise and by sharing experiences, leverage greater value from their Microsoft Dynamics NAV investment.

The aims of the forum are as follows:

  • To allow clients to gain an insight into current and planned future Microsoft Dynamics NAV developments.
  • To define additional areas of functionality in the system that would assist in maximising utilisation of the facilities.
  • To highlight any concerns on current service levels provided by Anglia and to suggest future refinements that could lead to improved service offerings.
  • To gain an insight into how other clients gain maximum business benefit from their Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.
  • To gain awareness of other technology developments or changes at Anglia that may impact on their overall system.
For more information, contact Sarah Neale


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